Ilanit Blumenfeld Ghitis MPH,RDN,CDN 

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Corporate Wellness, Weight Loss Meal Plans & Challenges

Group Nutrition Counseling

Individualized Nutrition Counseling

Corporate Wellness, Weight Loss Meal Plans & Challenges

Ilanit understands that we weren’t all born to be chefs, and most of us don’t have the perfect genes to eat whatever we want. Ilanit’s approach to weight loss is non-judgemental, practical and fun. Her weight loss challenges boast a high success rate among participants. Through IBG Nutrition's flexible meal plans, easy to make recipes, expert advice and coaching, clients see real change and long-term results. Goals become a reality and our passion for improving people's lives, one individual at a time, is what drives our success.

IBG Nutrition

"Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself."

IBG Nutrition Consulting
IBG Nutrition

Group Nutrition Counseling:

Group Nutrition counseling is available for groups of 6+ people.

Focus is on Weight loss and topics covered include: Nutrition 101, Myth Busters, How to Eat Healthy AND enjoy life, Recipe Development, Meal Plans, Work with a Buddy, How to: build good habits, and how to find the right amount & type of exercise for you.

Put together your own group and I will tailor it just for you!

IBG Nutrition

Individualized Nutrition Consulting:

Individualized one-on-one counseling with personalized plans for both adults and children.

Specialties: Weight Loss, Obesity, Diabetes, Child and Adolescent Nutrition, Healthy Eating, balanced eating for disease prevention.

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About Ilanit:

Ilanit Blumenfeld is a Registered Dietitian with a lifelong passion for nutrition and cooking. As a mother to four girls, Ilanit knows the value of looking at nutrition with a holistic mindset. She focuses on the person as a whole, and she emphasizes healthy living over fad diets and exercise binges.

Ilanit earned her Masters degree in Public Health Nutrition, and over the past 10 years, she has worked as a nutrition consultant for individuals, groups and corporations. She has hosted group nutrition lessons in both Spanish and English, and as a registered dietician, she has worked as the in-house nutritionist for FXP Fitness, and JoyRide cycling studios in Texas and Connecticut. At JoyRide, Ilanit runs an annual weight loss challenge, and designs healthy meal plans and recipes from her own kitchen. Her nutrition plans, blogs and videos have helped her clients achieve their long-term weight-loss, nutrition and lifestyle goals. Ilanit doesnt just talk the talk, she lives her healthy lifestyle principles daily while making cooking and eating healthy seem fun.

Ilanits entrepreneurial spirit led her to co-found a freeze-dried food company, goVida Foods, where she was responsible for product development, nutrition, marketing and sales. But her true passion is helping people live their healthiest, happiest life. Her bright, compassionate spirit is what keeps her clients motivated, and her knowledge and expertise is what drives her results.

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“Ilanit found the perfect solution when many other programs didn't work for me.  She instilled the confidence I needed to follow a plan and reach my goal.”  ~W.G.

She helped me arm myself with the tools, knowledge, and regimens to lose weight, feel healthy and have more energy. Her tips and tricks were so helpful and I saw great results. She taught me ways to eat right but still enjoy food and also open my mind to much healthier options. She is also a wonderful person and really cares for her clients. I highly recommend working with her and have no doubt you will be thrilled with Ilanit.”  ~L.K.


“Ilanit’s meal plans and recipes are easy to follow, which made the weight loss plan so doable for me. I also enjoyed getting her thoughtful and helpful Nutrition tips every day and still use her practical advice in my daily living.”  ~D.S.

“I was amazed that the weight stayed off after completing Ilanit’s - 1 month weight loss challenge! She showed me that I can still love food, and stay healthy.”  ~N.T.

"I wanted thank you again Ilanit for all that you taught me and all the information and recipes you gave me during the weight loss challenge. I have stuck with a lot of what I learned during the challenge (and have used a lot of the recipes), and despite going on 2 trips in the last month (where I ate out every meal) I have lost an additional 5.5 lbs for a total of 15! I honestly cannot believe it. I never thought I could lose that kind of weight, and the challenge really kickstarted it for me. So thank you, thank you!" - E.P.